Maple in County and Sugarbush Vineyard

Mar 23

We had a great time at Sugarbush Vineyard today.  Sugarbush made a little path to walk around the grounds and through the sugar bush.  All along the trail they had set up trivia questions for us to answer, and even provided a little map so you’d find your back.  Very thoughtful!  We brought our new little 17 week old puppy with us and she met lot’s of kids and adults alike.  It really was a great family outing. Kids were welcome to make smores or watch the boiling down maple sap for syrup.

The path was open because of the Maple in the County event, which occurs each year and this is the 12th year of the event.

Events are being held all over the county so we’d love to hear what you checked out  or if you’re still planning to visit and of the sites on Sunday.  You can find the full schedule on the Maple in the County webpage.






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